What If I Disagree With the Police Report After My Car Accident in NJ?

 When You Disagree About Your Car Accident

A police report writes details about the crash, such as the names and contact information of the parties involved. There is also the detail of car insurance coverage information that is exchanged by both parties. Statements need to be made by both parties involved in the accident, with names, contact information, and statements of witnesses.  

What If I Disagree With the Police Report After My Car Accident in NJ?

Police reports might contain factual errors because of the driver’s license status. There may be questions about the insurance status of one of the drivers. Factual errors can be corrected with furnishing proof of the correct information, such as your vehicle registration, driver’s license or insurance. The police officer may make transcription errors such as the way they were told one driver was going 60 MPH in a 25 MPH zone, and the officer wrote that down the other driver was going at 50 MPH. 

The Actual Facts 

You need a New Jersey car accident lawyer who can look into the facts. If you handle the claim yourself, you will be offered a lower settlement from your insurance company than a lawyer could get for you, as a higher amount. The fault for the accident will be disputed and the driver’s insurer will need to be motivated to settle first. 

You need to be aware of the nature of your injuries, in particular, if they are not severe enough when a quick settlement is wanted. You have to learn more about the expected payment for the damages in a car accident case. There should be a hearing date and trial date settled on. The demand letter was followed up by negotiations that may require a mediator. There need to be agreements and then the check is made out to the parties involved. 

The First Steps 

If you find yourself disagreeing with the actual police report due to factual errors, and transcription errors, or facts that are being fought over, you need to contact the agency that does the report, asking to speak with the officer who was at the scene. This is why you need a New Jersey car accident lawyer. 

The demand letter is the only way to go when you have to present details about your car accident to your insurance company. You need to detail what medical treatment you actually needed during the ordeal that has been this car accident. 

Negotiating a Settlement

There is such a thing as accident and settlement papers that let you have a settlement offer in writing, covering any necessary medical treatment that you may have to get for yourself. 

If you try to get a settlement together on your own, the insurance company may get you to sign a release or a document that stops you from pursuing any claims about the accident. If your case has already been through the court system, getting the settlement means you will have to quit pursuing the case. 

Be Wary of A Quick Settlement

If you take a quick settlement to get the money quickly, you might get a fair settlement with regard to your injuries, because it depends on how serious your injuries were. The settlement process then becomes of utmost importance.

Once you accept a settlement, you cannot ask for more money, since you cannot file a lawsuit, even if your injuries turned out worse than you thought, and that you need to negotiate with the other party about. Take care with what settlement path you choose to take in the end, because it has to be the result of good payment scenarios.

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